Agar-Agar cannot talk, but they quiver valiantly in a desperate attempt to make themselves understood. They can communicate this way amonst themselves, however.
This folk is available with Keats and can be acquired from the Undersea City.

Agar-Agar's Data



Folk Agar-Agar artwork


Attack Type

Barrier. Barrier reduces all damage for a certain period. Release karma to lengthen the time of effect.

Karma Release

  1. Use 1 Green Quartz - MC Consumption lowered
  2. Use 3 Green Quartz - MC Consumption lowered

Item Drops

Recommended Strategy

If Keats attacks Agar-Agar with anything other than Fire or Ice, it will divide into a maximum of four copies of itself. If this happens it may be beneficial to leave the area and come back in.

The best strategy is to freeze Agar-Agar with an Ice folk such as Afanc and then quickly use Brummbear before it unfreezes again, just using Fire does not necessarily cause damage. If you fail to strike whilst frozen and cause more Agar-Agar to spawn, it is best to leave the area so it resets as trying to absorb ID proves next to impossible.


Its name refers to a jelly-like substance obtained from algae discovered in Japan by Mino Tarōzaemon in the 1650's or 1660's. In Japan, it is known as kanten, and has been chiefly used as both an ingredient in Asian desserts & a solid substrate to contain culture media for microbiological work.

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