This quest is unlocked in the Alchemist Pack. It is available to Keats during the night by speaking with Ganconer.

Guide Edit

You’re in HellRealm and you’ve got to take 12 stones back to the Rebel Denizen for his Alchemy experiments. You just have two trips to do that otherwise the stones may lose their powers and you’ll have to do it all over again.

Be careful after you collect the stones for each one has a special effect:

Red Stones: These will increase Folk's stamina (folks you encounter will have more HP) Blue Stones: These will stimulate the fighting instincts of Folks (folks you encounter will do more damage) Yellow Stones: These produce an undetectable scent (Folks will be attracted to this scent) White Stones: These also produce an undetectable scent (Folks will be attracted in packs to this scent)

The effects are cumulative. (i.e: If you’ve got 2 Red Stones, they will double folks HP and so on…)

When you first start, you’ll be where you fought Fomoire. Get all 7 stones in this scenario and head back (by going East). You’ll notice a Bug-a-boo sleeping there but you can leave it alone. Head to the next area where you'll find a Kalmia. You need to defeat it in order to clear the path. Use Kraken to freeze it and Fomoire to attack it and you’ll make this quick. Go to the Rebel Denizen and give him the stones. You can also heal yourself if hurt.

Go back where you previously got the 7 stones and go North 1 screen and you'll find some White and Yellow stones. Destroy them all and head back. In the area where you previously saw Bug-a-boo you’ll have quite a few more enemies such as Hobbledy and Urisk. Just run past them and dodge them. In the next screen you’ll find Treant, Poury and Kalmia and you’ve got to defeat all of them to clear your path. Once again, use Kraken and Fomoire. Go back to the Rebel and the quest is over.

Reward Edit

Repeatable Reward:

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