A magic plant that brings good luck. Difficult to take care of, though, and if it dries up, brings bad luck in proportion to the good luck it previously brought.
This folk is only available with Ellen and can be aquired in the Undersea City.

Alraune's Data

File:Folk Alraune artwork.jpg
Folk Alraune screen


Attack Type

Mid-range, slash element area attacks. Charge up for spinning charges. Release karma to improve MC consump. & attack power.

Karma Release

  1. Defeat 10 Alraune - MC Consumption lowered
  2. Defeat 5 Asrai - MC Consumption lowered
  3. Defeat 5 Folks - Attack Power increased
  4. Use 5 Green Dust - Attack Power increased

Item Drops

Recommended Strategy

Alraune spins and slashes a lot in close combat and can also counterattack. Either attack from range or hold it in place with a Bond element folk such as Dracae. Bargest is a good folk to use for inflicting damage.

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