They say fellow Ascidia can communicate instantly over great distances. Their language is so difficult however, that no-one has ever confirmed this.
This folk is only available with Ellen and can be acquired from the Undersea City.

Ascidia's Data

File:Folk Ascidia artwork.jpg
Folk Ascidia screen


Attack Type

Barrier. Barrier reduces all damage for a certain period. Release karma to greatly reduce MC consumption.

Karma Release

  1. Use 5 Green Dust - MC Consumption lowered
  2. Use 5 Purple Dust - MC Consumption lowered

Item Drops

Recommended Strategy

Ascidia must be damaged as fast as possible with a quick combo folk such as pouke. If there is any delay in the attack, Ascidia will restore its HP completely. For this reason it is recommended to attack one of these at a time.

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