Characters Belgae concept
Race Half Life
Relations Keats (partner)
Livane (boss)
Voice Actor Michael Maloney

Belgae is an invisible Half Life who is Keats' guide to the Netherworld. The bearer of sharp intellect and genteel manners, he seems to be devoted to Livane, and is always seen holding a book. Some history on this character is explained in the Origin of Belgae quest.
It would seem that Belgae's favorite drink is ale, as he offers Keats to join him on a drink sometime in the end of the game.


According to the Death of a Warrior quest, Belgae originated from the language of the Forebears, meaning "warrior".
In history, Belgae was the name of a group of tribes living in northern Gaul, bordering the Rhine, Britain, and possibly Ireland. The ethnic name Belgae comes from the Proto-Celtic root belg- (from Proto-Indo-European bhelgh-) meaning "to swell (particularly with anger/battle fury/etc.)", cognate with the Old English verb belgan, "to be angry" (related to the Proto-Germanic balgiz).[1]


  • Belgae shares the same voice actor with the ship captain at the beginning of the game.

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