The Bridge House Pub is the most lively place to be on a night in the Village of Doolin.

Bridge House Pub concept


Bridge House Pub screen


During the daytime, the Pub Landlord runs the place, but during the night time, Ganconer and a handful of other Half Lives appear.
This pub is the only place that Ellen and Keats can view and accept quests and once these quests are completed or failed, this is the location they will be returned to.

The Little Neighbors

In the Japanese version of the game, the pub is called the Little Neighbors.

Pub concept

Pub Concept Art

In one quest that Ellen takes, the Half Lives anticipate a performance from the infamous Charlie at the pub. However, he can't until he receives a new reed for his saxophone. After Ellen gives him Faery Wood for his reed in the Faery Realm, Charlie is now prepared for the concert. Unfortunately, once at the pub, when everyone waits for him to begin, he realizes that he has no lungs to play the saxophone with.

Irish Lullaby - Folklore OST04:47

Irish Lullaby - Folklore OST

The theme of the pub.

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