Adults often threaten their children with THE BUG-A-BOO WILL GET YOU IF YOU DON'T BEHAVE. But the Bug-a-boo loves children, and wishes they'd stop saying that.

This folk is available with Ellen and Keats and can be acquired from the Faery Realm.

Bug-a-boo's Data

Folk Bug-a-boo screen


Attack Type

For Ellen: Non-elemental area attacks. Charge to attack area enemies with raised fur. Release karma to increase the charge level.

For Keats: Non-elemental area attacks. Raises fur and attacks multidirectional & Release karma to widen attack area.

Karma Release

For Ellen:

  1. Use 5 Pulse Tree Nuts - Attack Power increased
  2. Absorb 5 Bug-a-boo Ids - Charge Level + 1
  3. Defeat 10 Folks - MC Consumption lowered
  4. Defeat 2 Boobrie - MC Consumption lowered

For Keats:

  1. Use 5 Pulse Tree Nuts - MC Consumption lowered
  2. Use 5 Pulse Tree Nuts - MC Consumption lowered
  3. Absorb 5 Bug-a-boo Ids - Area of Effect increased

Item Drops

Recommended Strategy

With Ellen use a folk with a Sleep element attack such as Cait Sidhe. This is the only way to causes its Id to appear. With Keats, use a Fire folk such as Hinky-Punk. The Bug-a-boo can be defeated quickly and simply by using a long ranged attack such as Bullseye.


Originally a minor pagan god of the sea in Cornwall, later evolved into a boogeyman-like figure.

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