Cernunnos is the first Folklore of the game and is the guardian to the Faery Realm. It is met in Chapter 1 of the storyline and requires a successful Timed Absorption to beat. Mythic Relation: it is based on the god Cernnunos from Irish myth. Cernnunos was an antlered god who represented the wilderness and its ferocity. Cernnunos in the game keeps the antlers and appears to be constructed from swamp matter and leaves, representing the ferocity of nature.


Folklore Cernunnos


When the tentacles begin sucking things up; use Bargest we want the tentacle to suck him up so he can attack the tentacle from the inside while you attack the tentacle from the outside. Repeat this until both tentacles are gone. (To avoid the tentacle that sweeps across the playing field to hit you while Bargest is doing a fine job inside the other tentacle, just simply stick to the outside wall to the corresponding tentacle). Once the tentacles are gone, Cernunnos will collapse into the ground and a flower will come up. Use Boobrie to attack the flower. When the flower is about to spit a seed use Killmoulis to block it. You will know when the flower is going to spit a seed out because it crunches down and then lurches upward. Use Ogma against any spikes that get in the way.


Attack the head of Cernunnos using Bargest until it collapses. When the flower appears, attack it with Hinky-Punk and defend with Killmoulis when it shoots a seed at you.

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