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Familial Warmth.

When you wake up, you will be in your hut. We need to go to Suzette’s house. Leave your hut, head east and then north. There is house on the right. It is across the street from your hut. Suzette will give you the Memento Key. The key will allow you to enter the Faery Realm at night. Go back to your hut, go to your bed and choose to rest.

When you wake up go to the desk and save your game. Exit the hut and head south to the henge. There will be a glowing stone in the center. You will have to give the memento key as an offering.

When you enter, the Faery Realm, Scarecrow will give you a Faery Realm Picture Book Page 1. Talk to the Faerys in this area to find out more about what is going on. When you ready, go north to the next area and then go east. In this area, there will be some Henkys. There are also six memory stones here. For the memory stones in the air, you will need to use Henky.

Note - If you have the downloadable folk Quasarilli, you can break the green stones. Otherwise, you will need Boobrie, with wind as an element, so we will have to come back after aquiring it.

Go back to the previous area and continue north. Keep going north until you reach a large tree. Go around the tree and head to the next area. In this area, you will have to fight a new folk named Impet. Be careful around Impet. He drops some sticky stuff called mucous. If that happens to you just rotate the left stick. You will need to use Henky to make Impet's Id appear so you can absorb it.

Road of Daru

Continue east, then north and there will be Faerys in this area. You can talk to them if you want. When you are ready, head north to the exit. There is a barrier in this area. You will need to absorb Boobrie in order to have the barrier removed. Use Killmoulis (the shield) and Pouke to attack him.

You will have to use Timed Absorption to absorb Boobrie. Basically when his Id is red hold Button R1. Wait for his Id to go red again and then shake your controller up while holding Button R1. When his Id is not red just hold Button R1.

Once you have the Boobrie Id equip it to your Palette. Break the memory stones in this area for health.

Note - You can now go back to where the green memory stones are (towards the beginning of the Netherworld) and break them for the Faery Cloak and Faery Realm Picture Book Page 2 or you can wait until we go on our first quest. The choice is yours but for this walkthrough, we will wait until the quest.

Go east up the hill and break the green memory stones. You will see two Cait Sidhes. They will run away if you attack them. Take the eastern path. In this area, you will fight Henky, Impet and some Poukes.

When you are ready head east and then north there are more Impets here. Go back southwest and then north there are some memory stones here. When you are done continue north until you see a sleeping Bug-a-boo. When you get close to him, he will stand up and start attacking you. When he feels like his life is threatened, his fur will spike out. When this happens, you will need to attack him from afar. Once you defeat him, you will get Faery Realm Picture Book Page 3. Go east to the next area and then go north to the next area.

There are some Faerys in this area. Down the path, there will be a little boy named Herve. Talk to him. Head west after you finish talking to him and you will have to fight two Darus. Once they are defeated, break the memory stones and exit the area.

Go back to where you meet Herve and go north. Then head west and bear south. Continue to the next area. Here you will have to fight Ogma. You will need to use Boobrie to defeat him. Once you are ready head southwest here will be a memory stone containing Faery Picture Book 4. Continue west. After you fight Darus, continue to the north and then take the eastern path. In this area, you will have to fight Bargest. MAKE SURE THAT YOU HAVE EQUIPPED OGMA TO YOUR PALETTE. You will need him to defeat Bargest. Bargest is a Timed Absorption.

After you defeat him, head east. In this area, you will meet up with Scarecrow. He will tell us to go see the Faery Lord but instead we are going to use the glowing flower to go back to Doolin. Once in Doolin go to your hut, rest and then go to the pub. Once in the pub talk to Ganconer and choose quests. He will tell you that the quest you have available is The Gig. Accept the quest.

If you go back to the Pub and talk to Ganconer again you can do the Defeat Bargest quest.

To get back to the Faery Realm you will have to go to your hut and rest. When you wake up it will be nighttime. Exit your hut head east and then north at the main road. You will come to a fork in the road, take the left path. You will see a big glowing blob of light. Go to that light and choose to enter the Netherworld.

Go back to where you last saw the Scarecrow. Talk to him again and then try to go west. He will tell you to go see the Faery Lord first. Go north up the laughing stairs. Inside the building, you will meet the Faery Lord. After the cut scene, he will give you Faery Realm Picture Book Page 5. Exit the building and head south and then west to the path that the Scarecrow would not let you take before. In this area, you will have to fight a group of Killmoulis. They will be dancing in a circle. Kill them all so the fourth memory stone will appear. Once you have killed all the Killmoulis and broken all the memory stones, adjust your palette. Take the north exit. Time to fight Cernunnos.

Once Cernunnos is defeated, there will be many cut scenes. When the scenes are over, you will be back in the Faery Realm talk to Scarecrow. Scarecrow will tell you to go back to the village. Use the glowing flower to teleport back to Doolin. Once in Doolin go directly to Suzette’s house.

After the cut scene, go to Dwarf beach and head west past the canoes. There will be another scene.

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