Exit O'Connell's house, and go rest. Then go back to O'Connell's room/house whatever, get the video and put it in the T.V. watch the long talky scene, and now you're in the HellRealm. Talk to the weird twitchy things, and proceed up the path to talk to Scarecrow.

In the first section, there is a group of Boggarts, break the memory stone for HellRealm picture book page 3. Head east (you can go west for picture book page 2), where there are some little glowing things on the floor, if you hit them, they all pop up, revealing Mandragoras and one Coblynau, go north and there's a water stone that breaks to give you nothing. North again an you will come across a Fomoire, head north again and you'll encounter some Fachans in a swamp.

Break the thunder stone for Picture book page 1. Next area: oh! a flower portal already? and the Faery Lord...? Save and climb the ladder. Go north to the blue lamp and click Ascend. Clear the enemies (you can go west to fight more enemies but it's best to preserve health). Rinse and repeat two more times, after you have defeated the two Baolwinds and the Ulbyr, a Morallta/Beagallta will pounce on you.

Must capture Morallta/Beagallta for the gate to open.

Break the memory stone for life, and carry on through the gate.

Cross Inquistiton Bridge while fighting the Beithirs and Baolwinds, then you will come across another flower portal yay :) could do some quests now if you wanted to...

Go to the end of the path to speak to the Faery Lord, a long talk scene follows, and then you're straight into the Folklore Yama's territory. Good luck.

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