There's really only one Chapter 6. You are forced to start with Keats. You automatically switch to Ellen for the end of the chapter. Keats's chapter 6 consists of sets of two-ish fights with no saves within the sets. About every two fights, you will get a save option, but not a flower. 

This chapter is also a good chance to capture any folk ID's that you missed playing through.

Fight 1:

  • Pouke
  • Brollachan
  • Boggart

Use whichever folk your prefer here. Anything with a nice area of attack will do you good and should you need it, there is life drops in the memory stones scattered around the edges. Once finished a door will appear in the center of the area, proceed through.

Fight 2:

  • Brumbear
  • Patriots
  • Padfoots. 

Padfoots seem to respawn infinitely until the Brumbear and the Patriots killed, destroying the Brumbear rather than trying to absord it would be your best plan of attack here. Feel free to absorb the rest of the enemies. Proceed through the door for some comic strips and Doolin adventure. You get the option to save here.

Fight 3:

  • Ga-Dearg
  • Kalmi
  • Annwn

Take out as many of the Annwn as possible with Fomoire. Then take down the Kalmia with an ice type like Aughsky, and then attack them to kill or absorb them. Go for the Ga-Dearg last, with a destroy type. Since all the folks here are the bog standard absorbing you might as well absord to unlock some karma if you need it. Through the door we go yet again.

Go round the back of the church when you gain control again to proceed.

Fight 4:

  • Galley-beggar
  • Beithir
  • Bullseye

Go ahead and Bullseye them all to death. Unlike previous fights, the memory stones here contain a mix of life drops (large) and upgrade items. The white ones in the locations you could previously find them in still all contain life drops (small), it seems.

Through the door you'll get the option to save after more comic strips.

Fight 5:

  • Durandal
  • Ogma
  • Treant

Get out your Annwn and Poury for the Durandal, but i'd recommend that you take out the Treant and Ogma first so it will just be you and Mr. Durandal when you go toe to toe with him. Nothing else will spawn in this battle, so once Treant and Ogma(?) are out of the way, you should be fine. All stones here contain small life drops.

Next, you'll take control of Ellen.

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Keats: - Prologue - Chapter 1 - Chapter 2 - Chapter 3 - Chapter 4 - Chapter 5 - Chapter 6 - Chapter 7

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