Charlotte is a blonde girl of about eight years of age and is the adopted daughter of the Pub Landlord. She lives in the house behind The Bridge House Pub. The Pub Landlord is her uncle, but he is the only real father she's ever known. The divorce of her parents brought her to Doolin Village.

She looks up to Ellen as an older sister, and it is implied in the beginning of the game that she may have Ellen's messanger abilities, though it is not known for sure.

Charlotte created the Halflives Gam and Gee, the two-headed fighting robot, from the wish that her real parents would stop fighting. When she finally musters enough courage to tell her robot friend(s) to stop their constant arguing, it is then discovered what a Halflive's purpose really is.

Charlotte is a key to Ellen's understanding of what becomes of a Halflive who has completed their task of helping their creator overcome the fear or desire they were born from.


  • Charlotte is of Old German origin, which means "free man". In French, it is the feminine version of Charles, used in England since 17th century, and it was made popular by Queen Charlotte.

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