The Coblynau live in mines, and show miners where the best veins of ore are located. It's a rare stroke of good fortune to find a Coblynau, however.
This folk is available with Ellen and Keats and can be acquired from the HellRealm.

Coblynau's Data

File:Folk Coblynau artwork.jpg
Folk Coblynau screen


Attack Type

For Ellen: Mid-range, Charm element attacks. Emits pollen that entices frontal enemies. Release karma to up number that appear at once.

For Keats: Earth element wide-range attacks. Attacks with small tremors in multiple places. Release karma to up number of tremors caused.

Karma Release

For Ellen:

  1. Use 5 Pulse Tree Nuts - Attack Power increased
  2. Use 5 Purple Dust - MC Consumption lowered
  3. Absorb 2 Coblynau Ids - Simultaneous Use + 1
  4. Absorb 3 Coblynau Ids - Simultaneous Use + 1

For Keats:

  1. Use 5 Yellow Dust - Attack Power increased
  2. Use 5 Pulse Tree Nuts - Attack Power increased
  3. Absorb 5 Coblynau Ids - Effect Area increased

Item Drops

Recommended Strategy

When you first encounter Coblynau it will appear as a flower head in the ground. Only one will ever spawn in an area and it will always be in the middle of a group of Mandragora. The Coblynau will jump out of the ground when its flower head is attacked or if Mandragora's flower head is attacked and will return to the ground after a set time.
Coblynau is fairly quick and will use earthquake and charm laser if it's not quickly beaten. Either use a quick combo attack folk such as Pouke or a wide range folk such as Daru or Treant.

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