There are three types of costumes available. Both Ellen and Keats have standard outfits, Ellen can wear cloaks and Keats has a unique costume in his Transcended form.
The cloaks can be switched at a portal and all other variations of the default costumes must be chosen at the 'Load Game' screen under 'costumes'.

Ellen's Costumes Edit

Costumes Ellen

Ellen's original costume sketches


Ellen's in-game costumes

Keats' Costumes Edit

Costumes Keats

Keats' original costume sketches

Navigate Costumes & Cloaks

• Ellen:   NormalCloak of Sidhe Faery Cloak
Battlefield Cloak Cloak of the Deep Cloak of Dawn Cloak of Twilight Cloak of Midnight Sun
• Keats:   Normal Transcended

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