Determine the truth about Suzette’s past and the murder.
(HellRealm) (background)
Suzette's in a coma at the clinic. Her psyche is deeply wounded, but why?

This quest is broken up into two parts and is unlocked in Chapter 7 of the storyline. Part 1 is available to Keats during the day by speaking with the Pub Landlord.

  • Suzette is in the clinic in the church, apparently fallen into a coma. Keats believe that the cause is her emotional state.
  • Upon arrival, it is revealed, courtesy of Frizzie, that Suzette's memories were scattered around the Hellrealm.

"Why? Why must my life be hell? Who on earth is Herve! And why did my mother end up like that? That's no way to die.... And my father and brother.... Why did they die?"
"What.... What is she up to? She finally found the person she was looking for. She's writing a letter! But.... to whom?"
"Doolin? The village where you can meet the dead? Something's very odd. She's up to something. I have to go after her.... My mother.... To Doolin.... That's where she's headed.... The reason why my family fell apart must be hidden there."
"Harriet.... Dr. Lester....Those two must know what happened in the village in the past."
"She went to the cliff? What is she trying to do? Who is she waiting for?!?"
(This is why Suzette was at the beach.)

  • The late Ingrid appears to Keats, demanding that he tell Ellen to save Suzette, for the past has a tight grip on her.
  • Mrs. Lester states that Suzette hasn't awoken, but she seems to be getting better. When Keats asks why she cared whether or not her husband's murderer woke up, she simply replies "My husband would have cared for a sick patient no matter what."

Quest RewardsEdit

--Acquired [Ruby]!

For Part 2, see Dark Impulse (Part 2).

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