Rescue Suzette from the Netherworld, before she is lost.
This quest is broken up into two parts and is unlocked in Chapter 7 of the storyline. Part 2 is available to Ellen during the day by speaking with the Pub Landlord.

For Part 1, see Dark Impulse (Part 1).

Guide Edit

We start at the Road to Daru in the Faery Realm. Go north, talk to Keats, Frizzie and the Faery. Then continue north and take the north exit. Run past or you can fight Bargest. Exit this area to the north. Go north, talk to Charlie and Damona for a scene.

We are now on Dwarf Beach in Doolin. Go east talk to the Mnemosyne, go east and talk to another Mnemosyne. Now go to the Cliff of Sidhe. There is a Mnemosyne talk to it, then go to Harriet’s house and talk to the Mnemosyne. Go back to the henge, talk to the Mnemosyne, go to O’Connell’s house and Suzette will be outside his house. After talking to her, go to the Mnemosyne next to her.

We are now at Dr. Lester’s house; talk to Mrs. Lester. When you can turn right (Ellen’s right) and talk to Suzette.

Reward Edit

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