Only administrators can delete articles or images. If you would like something to be deleted you must check the following things.

A page should be marked for deletion if:

  • If the image or page is improperly named and a properly named equivalent exists.
  • An image or page was moved or merged and no longer contains unique information.

A page should NOT be marked for deletion if:

  • The image or page's content is unique or useful.
  • Anything needs to be done to the before it's ready for deletion.

Deletion Template

To use the deletion template, add {{delete}} to the top of the article that you wish to be reviewed for deletion.

Sysops will delete articles marked for deletion a few days after the tag is added to the page, assuming no dissent in the talk page. Contested deletes must reach a consensus for deletion before a sysop will delete the article; they will delete a few days after the last meaningful comment posted after the consensus is reached. As a matter of tact, sysops generally avoid deleting articles they themselves mark as candidates for deletion.

To see which articles contain the deletion template, see Category:Candidates for deletion.