This quest is unlocked in the Alchemist Pack. It is available to Keats during the day by speaking with Pub Landlord.

You’ll be in Undersea City. Go and talk to Frizzie, go ahead and meet Ellen. Keats will ask permission to talk to her mother. Touch the two Mnemosynes in your way to watch the scenes. Enter the Swamp of Oblivion and you’ll see 4 Mnemosynes. Touching them will start a battle and after one battle is over you unlock a scene with further information about Regine and Ingrid towards Herve and Cecilia’s story. You can touch the Mnemosynes in whichever order you like. Here’s the following:

Right Front: fight two Selkies (strategy folk: Draracu) and one Padfoot (strategy folk: Treant). After the battle ends, enter the door.

Left Front: fight two Telantheras (Strategy folk: Bullseye or Pouke) and Agar-Agar (Freeze it with Anwnn and attack with Ga-Dearg).

Right Back: Fight with Poukes, Brollachans and two Prottas… you can use it Fomoire for all of them here.

The last battle is with two Bargests (if you already have Automata this battle will be a piece of cake otherwise you can use a Fire-Type folk like Agapanthus) and two Gladiolus (use Fomoire on them and this wont’ be as tough as it seems).

Watch one more scene and talk to Annwns and the Faery if you want to then go to Ingrid. After talking to Ingrid you’ll be in Ellen’s Hut. Talk to her to finish the quest.

If you plan to do this quest again, there are some minor changes about the folks you’ve got to fight:

Left back: Gladiolus; Left front: Garbera and Agar-Agar; Right back: Brollachan, Pouke and Protta; Right front: Padfoot, Selkie and Bougainvaillea

Reward Edit

Repeatable Reward:

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