This quest is unlocked in the Fear in the Night Pack. It is available to Ellen during the day by speaking with Pub Landlord.

Guide Edit

This is a long and taxing quest, dont start it unless you have the time to spend on it.

Charlotte is is ill, and it appears her conciousness is in the Netherworld, in her sleep, she talks of Mermaids.

You meet Keats in the Undersea City.

Each area's exits are blocked by barriers connected to memory stones, absorb the matching ID to proceed. Any Enemies cleared out will not return.

Starting as Ellen, Head into each area and absorb everything in your path, you will get to a point where you hae cleared all the areas but cannot proceed. Return to find Keats and let Him continue on. As Keats, Start in the North Western exit from the first area, once you have cleared that area, take its East Exit to clear that area, then return to Ellen.

As Ellen, Head North East from the first area then North into the area you previously couldn't access. Peg Powler is the key here, and he is close you can use Fraxinus until you can absorb Peg Powler, without alerting the other folk, once this is done, continue into the room and take care of the other folk. The North Exit blocked, head West and deal with the two Gladiolus. Now switch back to Keats and return to this room, He will encounter Amaryllis here, absorb her and you can move onto the next section.

In the next section, you find Charlotte, but she has lost her two fuzzy friends. There are two paths and Two of you. You must decide who takes which route. There is a catch...

If you Choose:
Ellen - Forgotten Palace
Absorb ALL of the folk with the same ID as the Memory Stone, you will encounter Henky, Pouke, Ulghter, Baolwind, Baogbolc and Peg Powler.

Keats - Swamp of Oblivion
You are told that the Swamp is nearing the brink, you willnot be able to survive for long. You have Ten Minutes to complete this section.
Absorb ALL of the folk with the same ID as the Memory Stone, you will encounter Selkie, Padfoot, Annwn, Asrai, Treant Hinky-Punk and Bougainvaillea.

Reward Edit

Repeat this quest to receive:

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