Dungeon TrialEdit

This feature is avaliable to both characters as long as they have reached Chapter 1. In Dungeon Trial, you are given the ability to create your own dungeon from a variety of Rooms and Corridors.

Creating A DungeonEdit

The 4 basic rules that Dungeon creation must abide by are:

  • Must have a Start room
  • Must have a Goal room
  • Start and Goal rooms must be linked
  • No unnecessary rooms

Each Dungeon is based on a 5x5 grid.

After you have created a dungeon, you can upload to the PSN. Based upon the difficulty of the dungeon your dungeon will be given a Dungeon Points Rating.


Apart from the start and goal rooms, you select the room by selecting the Folk you want in that room, at the start, you will only be able to select Pouke, Killmoulis and Bug-a-boo. You may however modify these rooms with the following options:

This enables you to increase the attack power or health of the Folk in that room.
This sets the Challenge type for the room:
None The doors are always unlocked but folk will continually re-appear.
Clear The doors are locked until the folk are defeated or absorbed.

Each room has 4 doors and each door will automatically connect to a corridor that touches it. The doors each have a coloured stone set within it, which represents North, East, South and West.


As you are not allowed to have two rooms next to each other, and you start with the ability to place only three rooms, corridors are required to connect the start to the rooms and then to the finish. Corridors are selected from a menu that you scroll through, depending on how you want it to interact with adjoining squares. You can have straight corridors ( or ), right or left hand turns (, , or ), t-shape (, , or ) or cross .

Dungeon RewardsEdit

After defeating another person's dungeon you will be taken to an assessment screen where your score is calculated. Based on your score you may or may not receive a bonus, acquiring 1500 Campaign Points guarantees you a reward. This can range from:

  • Additional Folk for Normal Play (These will be added under Special)
  • More Folk for your dungeon
  • Bonus options to improve your dungeons
  • Campaign Points (These are always acquired)

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