Faery Lord
Race Faery
Relations Faeries (subjects)
Ellen (guide)
Livane (nemesis)
Voice Actor Peter Dickson

The Faery Lord is the Lord of the Faery Realm (as his name suggests), and is Ellen's guide or boss throughout her journey. His nemesis is Livane who he is at a conflict with due to an event involving the Netherworld Core.


The Faery Lord looks very different from most other Faerys. He is taller than a human, and has human-colored skin. He has an enormous nose that differentiates him from a human, however. The Faery Lord wears long green robes, with large gems towards the bottom.


Ellen first meets him in Chapter 1, where he asks you to defeat the first Folklore Cernunnos. He calls Ellen to the Netherworld in order to allow the Faerys to travel across the different Realms using Ellen as a pathway, in the hope that he can eventually reach and repair the Netherworld Core. He sends his Faerys across the Realms to help guide Ellen.

However, in Hellrealm, the Faery Lord betrays Ellen, and allows the Judge to capture her. His purpose in this is to get Ellen close to the judge so he can be killed. Although Ellen is rescued by Keats, she still decides to go to the Netherworld core. The Faery Lord follows her there, and battles Keats. He is defeated, but still tries to break into the Palace of Memories. However, his attempt fails and he is killed.


The Faery Lord possesses great magical power. This vast power allows him to levitate above the ground, shoot missile-like blasts of magic, create a magical shield around himself, and even summon Folk from the Fairy realm such as Ogma and Bug-A-Boo to aide him in combat.

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