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Folklore Game News

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7th February 2008
Malion Pack added to PSN.
30th January 2008
Malion pack announced, aslo announced that It will be the very very last DLC for Folklore.
17th January 2008
Visions of the Tower Pack added to PSN.
10th January 2008
Pigly Pack added to PSN.
3rd January 2008
Fear in the Night Pack added to PSN.
13th December 2007
Christmas Present Download Pack added to PSN.
6th December 2007
The Origin of Belgae Pack added to PSN.
22nd November 2007
The Alchemist Pack added to PSN.
20th November 2007
Design-A-Folk competition winners announced.
8th November 2007
Bottom of the Sea download pack added to PSN.