Folks are formed from the souls of the dead who have not yet found peace. They manifest in the Netherworld as creatures with various forms and temperaments, who you must fight against to progress through the game.

Acquisition Edit

Folks are also the only way Ellen and Keats can attack so they first acquire the folks Pouke and Killmoulis in the Prologue's tutorial. To acquire additional folks you must absorb the Id of a folk you are fighting with the correct controls. You can equip up to four folks at a time from the palette.

Ellen and Keats do not share the folks they acquire, as certain folks will only show themselves to different people. Instead they have their own unique sets with different attack styles and karma release.

Types Edit

There are many different folks to choose from in the game and they are broken up into groups depending on their Element or the Realm that they come from. Some folks may only be obtained in certain quests or through downloadable content. The strongest type of folk is called a Folklore but unlike most folks, it cannot be acquired, only fought.

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