An upgrade of the Ga-dearg, the Ga-boi is the latest weapon. Since the guerrillas can run away so quickly, it hasn't been particularly effective thus far.
This folk is available to Ellen and can be acquired in Warcadia.

Ga-boi's Data

File:Folk Ga-boi artwork.jpg
Folk Ga-boi screen


Attack Type

Short-range, Thunder element combo attacks. Press rapidly for a thunder lunging-attack series. Release karma to raise maximum number of attacks.

Karma Release

  1. Absorb 3 Ga-boi Ids - Consecutive Use + 1
  2. Use 3 Purple Stones - Consecutive Use + 1
  3. Defeat 3 Patriot - MC Consumption lowered

Item Drops

Recommended Strategy

Attack from the back or sides to avoid Ga-boi's charge and stab. It is vulnerable to Destroy element so use folks such as Degasser or Bargest. Be aware of his electric sphere attacks, because they cover a large area around him.

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