Charlotte created these loveable characters, from a very painful wish that her parents would stop fighting.

Gam and Gee, the two-headed robot, was the newest Halflive addition to the Pub's lively gang... ...But, although the heads on their shoulders were good, these two just couldn't stop bashing heads at every moment!

The brothers tried to do everything they could to help Charlotte ease her pain, but they could never agree on anything, so their constant arguing usually ended up making everything worse.

One night, Ellen approached the brothers to find that there had been a big conflict between them and Charlotte, so she enterd the Netherworld to help resolve it. The young girl had finally gotten enough courage to tell Gam and Gee to stop fighting so they could play nicely together again, but her words had had much more power than she realized. And they ran away from her.

Ellen had just enough time to get the G brothers back to the young girl before they had to say a painful goodbye.

It was then that Ganconer explained to the Messanger why Halflives were created, and what they were born to do. 23:21, 16 June 2008 (UTC)

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