A spinning wheel spirit, the Habetrot leisurely marks off its own rhythem. They say that wearing clothes made from its yarn will cure any illness.

This folk is available with Ellen and Keats and can be acquired from the Endless Corridor.

Habetrot's Data

Folk Habetrot screen


Attack Type

For Ellen: Mid-range, Sleep element area attacks. Emits wde-range sleep waves to enemies. Release karma to widen the effect area of waves.

For Keats: Mid-range, Earth-element area attacks. Drops a weight forward to cause wide-range tremor. Release karma to widen the effect area of tremor.

Karma Release

For Ellen:

  1. Use 1 Purple Stone - Effect Area increased
  2. Use 5 Green Quartz - Attack Power increased
  3. Use 5 Green Dust - Attack Power increased
  4. Absorb 3 Habetrot Ids - MC Consumption lowered

For Keats:

  1. Absorb 3 Habetrot Ids - Effect Area increased
  2. Defeat 10 Folks - MC Consumption lowered
  3. Defeat 20 Folks - Attack Power increased
  4. Use 5 Green Ore - Attack Power increased

Item Drops

Recommended Strategy

Habetrot will always spawn with duplicates of itself that will die with one attack. They should be destroyed first with a large area effecting attack such as Boobrie or Poury. Habetrot will attack Ellen with a sleep beam and Keats with a large earth weight, so try to avoid being surrounded. Once only the real Habetrot is left, any standard attacks will drop his health and its red Id will appear.

Absorbtion Type

Stop & Go Absorbtion (75 seconds)

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