Harriet is a former actress now confined to a wheelchair because of an unspecified accident which terminated her career and left her a bitter invalid. She can be found in her home just north of the phone booth.

She appears to have had a relationship of unknown significance with Ryan, who worked at the lighthouse, and she was a believer in Faerys.

Harriet appeared to have been quite disturbed about having seen Herve seemingly dead in Dr. Lester's clinic. When she convinced Ryan to ask Cecilia about Faerys, he said "If it will convince you." He also mentioned that he didn't want to dishonor her.

In a scene near the end of Chapter 2, after hearing Ellen's words, Harriet says of Ryan: "Even in death, he still cares about me." This may imply that their relationship had a romantic element of some sort.

In Chapter 4, we find that she has been strangled to death shortly after requesting that Keats come to her home—presumably to give him some answers. (It is later revealed that the murders in the Village were Suzette's doing.)


  • Harriet is of Old German origin, and it means "home ruler". It is the feminine form of Harry, which, in turn, is a variant of Henry.

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