Picture 32
Race Human
Relations Renaldo (father)
Regine (mother)
Suzette (sister)
Cecilia (friend)
Dr. Lester (doctor)
Voice Actor Jack Burke

Herve is the son of Regine and Renaldo, and Suzette's brother. He died 17 years ago in Doolin, although none of the villagers tend to talk about it. He was Cecilia's childhood friend.

Herve seems to have some kind of connection with Keats.


Relation to KeatsEdit

It is suspected that Keats is actually an adult form of Herve who originated from the Netherworld. This is evidenced by several things in the game.

  • When Keats meets Herve in the third realm, he remarks that he reads Unknown Realms, the magazine Keats works for and wishes to grow up and be a writer, like Keats.
  • Keats finds an edition of Unknown Realms from 1989 in the Final Cutscene that declares it as the Final Issue, although Keats writes for the magazine in 2007.
  • The Drawing done by Cecilia of Herve that depicts him as an adult that Keats finds along with the magazine is a drawing of Keats. Throughout the game Keats is often seen with his spectacles reflecting light, making his eyes appear as white circles, much like the drawing.
  • When Ellen is speaking with Keats at the end of the Final Cutscene, she remarks that the office is part of the Netherworld.
  • Belgae's remarks to Keats in the Final Cutscene seem to imply he knew all along Keats was not living.
  • The phone call Keats receives in the opening Scene seems to have been made by Ellen/Cecilia, although not at the current time. It is speculated that it is a different version of Ellen guiding Keats to helping Ellen uncover her, and his, past.


  • Hervé is a variant of Harvey (Old English, Old French), and it means "eager for battle" or "strong and worthy". It is not a popular name.

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