This quest is unlocked in the Christmas Present Pack. It is available to Keats during the night by speaking with Ganconer. It requires the main quest to of defeated the Folklore in chapter 4. Not necessarily started chapter 5 yet.

This pack can still be downloaded on the European Plastation Store via a loop hole. Type "Folklore" into the magnifying glass search engine on the front page and it can be found.

Ganconer wants Keats to go get a last minute-christmas gift for "Somone Special".


Once Keats arrives at the Undersea City he disocvers the toy has been stolen by a Mysterious folk, who spews out other folk behind him.

Keats must travel through a number of rooms fighting a random assortment of folk as he travels. Note that although this takes place in the Undersea City, folks come from all realms. Also note that despite not showing one, there is a timer per room. Should you take too long, the folk will 'get' away and you will be sent back to the pub.

When doing this quest agian for the repeat reward, the rooms are all the same except the last where they add two Bug-a-boo in addition to the regular Bargest and the four Kalmia.

Aslo, a note for repeating this quest. Each time you do it, they act like its the first time, and all the diolauge will be repeated as will the comic cut scenes.


Repeat this quest to receive: