This little fiend is wicked and always up to no good, but it isn't very powerful. Sometimes seems to be kindly, but always has ulterior motives.

This folk is only available with Ellen and can be acquired from the Faery Realm.

Impet's Data

Folk Impet screen


Attack Type

Bond trap attacks. Drops gluey mucous from air to immobilize enemy. Release karma to up number that can be used at once.

Karma Release

  1. Use 1 Aqua Liquid - MC Consumption lowered
  2. Absorb 3 Impet Ids - Combination Attack + 1
  3. Absorb 5 Impet Ids - Combination Attack + 1
  4. Use 10 Yellow Dust - MC Consumption lowered

Item Drops

Recommended Strategy

Avoid the sticky fluid or use the Faery Cloak to protect against it. Use any folk that can hit high such as Henky or use Sleep to cause a red Id to pop out instantly.

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