Characters Keats screen
Race Halflife
Relations Ellen (partner)
Belgae (guide)
Voice Actor Richard Coyle

Keats is one of two playable characters, the other being Ellen.

Appearance & Personality

Keats is 178cm (about 5'10") tall and weighs 73kg (about 161lbs).[1]


Keats is a reporter who writes for an obscure and increasingly unpopular occult magazine called 'Unknown Realms'. One day he receives a mysterious phone call from a woman who claims she is about to be killed by faeries. Partially because he sees this as an opportunity to save his magazine, and partially out of curiosity, he decides to go to Ireland to see what the phone call is all about. Upon arriving in the small town of Doolin, he becomes involved in its 17-year-old murder mystery. At the same time, he is pulled into an adventure through the Netherworld. As time goes on, he finds out that the two stories are increasingly intertwined. According to the Folklore strategy guide, he is 27-years-old.

Upon entering the Prologue he soon encounters Belgae and becomes a guardian for Ellen as he investigates what has happened.

Fighting Style

Keats is physically a more pronounced fighter than Ellen. He only partially manifests his folks, using them more as extensions of himself. In addition to this, he only uses 'attacking' type elements, rather than the multitude of "status' type elements Ellen has. Another key difference in their playstyle is that while Ellen gradually recovers energy to use folks, Keats does not. On the other hand, not using folks for a short amount of time will instantly restore Keat's gauge to full regardless of how empty it was.


Fewer costumes are available to Keats but he can use an ability called Transcension to transform himself into a more fearsome entity and extends his powers vastly, increasing his range, damage, and lowers energy consumption. This ability is usually used as a last resort as it takes time to use it again.


  • Keats is of English origin, and it means "kite town". It is a form of Keaton. The name is not that popular.
  • Keats is also the name of a romanticist poet from England. This may or may not be a referance to Keats profession as a writer.


  • Ellen- He seems to not care so much for Ellen. Yet, he constantly finds himself protecting her.
  • Herve- Herve looks up to Keats, especially since he is a writer for his most favorite occult magazine.
  • Belgae- They seem to have a balanced amount of respect for one another. As his half-life guide, without him, Keats cannot enter the Netherworld.
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