This quest is unlocked in the Bottom of the Sea Pack. It is available to Ellen during the night by speaking with Ganconer.

Dialog Edit

Ah Ellen. Yer've come at a perfect time. Bogle of the Faery Realm asked me to relay a message, yeah. He says to come to the Endless Corridor immediately.

From Bogle! Why on earth would he ask me to the Endless Corridor all of a sudden?

All I know is that it has something to do with Shefro.

Shefro!! Yes, now I understand completely. Thank, I must go, to the Endless Corridor!

Story Board Scene: This is all my fault... Hold on Shefro... I'm Coming

The Pub landlord told me the rumours about appearances of a haunted flame.

I sensed a connection to the Netherworld and headed for the cape.

It wasn't a Haunted Flame, but a folk from the Faery Realm called Shefro.

Shefro never meant to cause a stir. It was simply unaware of its power.

I was able to take Shefro back to the Faery Realm,

but Folks from Warcadia caught us off guard and whisked Shefro away.

With Bogle's help, I went after them to Warcadia and rescued Shefro.

A faery appeared, one of Bogle's servants, I thought, and I handed over Shefro.

Ellen, you have fallen for their ploy.

I'm afraid...??

Guide Edit

On entering the Endless Corridor, you will have a conversation with a confused folk.

Battle through the Corridor, each room will contain folk from both The Endless Corridor and Warcadia, some rooms will need to be cleared twice before moving on. NOTE: There is a hidden timer so clear the rooms as quickly as possible. If you are not fast enough, you will meet a faery in the last room rather than the battle shown below. If this happens, simply repeat the quest and clear the rooms faster.

The last room is circular, and contains, Spriggan, 2 Answerers, 3 Worthogs and several Brollachan, Spriggan is easily avoided while you take out the rest of the folk, then you can focus on Spriggan. Once defeated you will learn why Shefro was abducted.

Reward Edit

Repeat the quest to receive:

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