The mischievous pub halflives know what's best for Keats.
This quest is unlocked in the Visions of the Tower pack. It is available to Keats during the night by speaking with the Ganconer.

Guide Edit

Damona and Frizzie want to see Keats in the faery realm. Upon arriving you will have a brief conversation with Damona and Frizzie before setting off in search of Jimmy.
Kill all the Poukes, Hawks and Asrai in the first area to acquire Ash tree nut [1st].
In the second area, kill all the Treants to obtain Ash tree nut [2nd].
Jimmy is up ahead and says he was told by Frizzie to deliver a letter to Ellen. Jimmy says he lost the third page running from Durandal so Keats needs to go and find some bait. Keats needs exactly five Ash tree nuts, which means three more are needed.
Continue on until you run into Poury and Padfoot, kill the Poury for Ash Tree Nut [3rd].
North of that location is a lone Killmoulis who will drop Ash tree nut [4th] but numerous Spriggans spawn behind so be careful.
Further along the path, beat Andraste to get Ash tree nut [5th].
Do not kill anymore folks and head along the path until you reach the watering hole. This area of the Faery Realm is where you usually find Bargest. Speak to the faery waiting there and he will place the bait. A brief cutscence will play and two Durandal appear. Just defeat them with Earth attacks and Jimmy will show up.
Keats will eventually arrive back in the pub, so talk to all of the halflives to recieve your reward and watch the scene.

Reward Edit

Repeat the quest to receive:

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