Lulu (her full name is Lucy) was O'Connell's girlfriend, who apparently died six months before the start of the game. We first learn of her in Chapter 4. In the scene just before the gateway to Endless Corridor is revealed, she laments that she was unable to return O'Connell's car to him. It's revealed, too, that she was the mummy at the beginning of the game when Ellen gets her first Cloak.

The PioneerEdit

In the Pioneer quest, it explains what had happened to Lulu, even though her real appearance has never been revealed. She was the previous wearer of the Cloak, before Ellen. According to Damona, she wasn't as strong as Ellen was. Curiosity hit Lulu, for she wanted to know exactly what the Netherworld was. She was killed in the Netherworld.


  • Lulu is of Swahili, Tanzanian and Hawaiian origin, and it means the following: "precious; pearl; calm; peaceful; protected".
  • Lucy is Latin for "light", and it is the feminine form of Lucius. It is allso the vernacular form of Lucia.

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