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The wiki is about the new Playstation 3 game known as Folklore.
Read about magical realms and imaginative creatures or read the stats and tactics of a difficult quest.
Anyone can edit this wiki and there have been 404 articles written since December 2007.

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What's new on Folklore Wiki

24th January 2008
Folklore Wiki's one month anniversary ribbons are given out.
2nd January 2008
Special thanks to Ice T. Gressa and Baby Yellow who have agreed to share their walkthroughs.
1st January 2008
To celebrate the new year, the Main Page has been uploaded.
24th December 2007
Folklore Wiki was created by User:KarinDoll.

Folklore Game News

7th February 2008
Malion Pack added to PSN.
30th January 2008
Malion pack announced, aslo announced that It will be the very very last DLC for Folklore.
17th January 2008
Visions of the Tower Pack added to PSN.
10th January 2008
Pigly Pack added to PSN.
3rd January 2008
Fear in the Night Pack added to PSN.
13th December 2007
Christmas Present Download Pack added to PSN.



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