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When an intruder sets foot in a primeval forest, Malion entrances them with spores, and shows them the marvel of life during their slumber. His tail has sharp thorns.
This folk was the winner of the Design-A-Folk competition and is automatically given to Ellen and Keats in the Malion Pack (available only in Europe).

Malion's Data

Folk Malion artwork


File:Folk Malion screen.jpg

Attack Type

For Ellen Mid-range, Sleep element area attacks. Charges at foes and induces sleep with spores. Release karma to widen spore range.

Karma Release

For Ellen:

  1. Use 10 Pulse Tree Nuts - MC Consump. -
  2. Use 10 Yellow Dust - Attack Power +
  3. Use 3 Purple Stones - MC Consump. -
  4. Use 15 Purple Dust - Effect Area +

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