When an intruder sets foot in a primeval forest, Malion entrances them with spores, and shows them the marvel of life during their slumber. His tail has sharp thorns.
This folk was the winner of the Design-A-Folk competition and is automatically given to Ellen and Keats in the Malion Pack (available only in Europe).

Malion's Data

Folk Malion artwork


File:Folk Malion screen.jpg

Attack Type

For Ellen Mid-range, Sleep element area attacks. Charges at foes and induces sleep with spores. Release karma to widen spore range.

For Keats Slash element area attacks. Whips tail to slice foes with shockwaves. Release Karma to widen shockwave range.

Karma Release

For Ellen:

  1. Use 10 Pulse Tree Nuts - MC Consump. -
  2. Use 10 Yellow Dust - Attack Power +
  3. Use 3 Purple Stones - MC Consump. -
  4. Use 15 Purple Dust - Effect Area +

For Keats:

  1. Use 10 Warm Tree Nuts - MC Consump. -
  2. Defeat 5 Hinky-Punk with Malion - Attack Power +
  3. Defeat 10 Afanc with Malion - Attack Power +
  4. Defeat 5 Galley-Beggar with Malion - Effect Area +

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