Catch three Mandragora within the time limit.
This quest is unlocked in Chapter 5 of the storyline. It is available to Ellen during the night by speaking with Ganconer.

Guide Edit

We start off in the HellRealm. Follow the path and take the north exit. From here you can only go one way. They have the other ways blocked off. When you get to the room with three Fachan and three Baolwind; use Mandragora or Fachan to defeat Baolwind. Then you go west and you will be in a room with three Fachan and a bunch of Mandragora and Coblynau. Defeat the Fachan first (with Mandragora only if you have her, this way you wont "wake up" the Mandragoras or the Coblynau.

To make the Mandragoras and the Coblynau out, you can hit them with Alruine.

To kill the Mandragora in one hit use Garbera. (in case that you already have her from Endless Corridor)

The Mandragoras are purple, and the Coblynau are white, so dont use your time killing Coblynaus.

Strategy 1:

Make sure you don’t hit the Mandragora/Coblynau. Remember it is that thing that looks like a small memory stone. Once you defeat the three Fachan attack the Coblynau next (just hit one of the memory stone things and concentrate your attacks on the white folks). Because once you start absorbing a Mandragora the clock will start and you will only have about one minute to absorb three Mandragoras. So make sure to first defeat/absorb the Coblynau. When there are only the three Mandragoras left, attack and absorb them within the time limit to get your quest reward.

Strategy 2:

Kill the Fachan first with Mandragora. Then look in the ground and look for the purple stim. Aim the Mandragoras, use Garbera, so you will defeat the Mandragora with one hit and absorb it. Do the same with the other 2. And then you´ll go back to the Pub.

Reward Edit

Repeat Quest Reward

  • Warm Tree Nut x2
  • Green Ore x2
  • Yellow Dust x2

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