Solve the mystery of the letter and go to the location indicated.
This quest is unlocked in Chapter 4 of the storyline. It is available to Keats during the day by speaking with the Pub Landlord.

Guide Edit

With this quest you do not have to fight the folks if you don’t want to. This is only ok for the rooms that have one folk in them. Which is the first five rooms.

You will start in the Endless Corridor. Go north, west, south, northeast, south and south. You are now in a room with three folks (Padfoot, Luideag, and Galley-Beggar). You need to fight them in this order: Padfoot, Galley-Beggar, Luideag, Galley-Beggar and Padfoot. Afterwards take the West exit. You will then find the lost person.

If you do not do it in that order then you will continue to go in circles. Eventually you will come across a Rebel Denizen who tells you about the number of folks in each room.

Reward Edit

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