This quest is unlocked in the Bottom of the Sea Pack. It is available to Ellen during the day by speaking with Pub Landlord.

Guide Edit

This quest becomes available immediately at the start of Chapter 4. Your task is to make it through the Undersea City using only one type of Folk. You start off using Pouke. The next Id you absorb becomes the one you use.

The types you will find include:

The first room:
Pouke x1

The room to the NE:
Boobrie x2
Ogma x2

The room to the west:
Peg Powler x2
Bullseye x4

The room to the north:
Pouke x5
Fraxinus x2

The room to the north:
Pouke x2
Asrai x2
Bargest x1

You'll now be in Old Capital 2. You can talk to the faery to see how many Id types you've absorbed. To get the reward, you need to absorb 18. I had 9 by this point. Continue to Swamp of Oblivion.

Continuing after old Capital 2:
Henky x3
Barrager x3
Hobbledy x1

To the east:
Asrai x3
Degasser x1

To the north:
Worthhog x3
Ga-boi x3

To the east:
Hawk x5
Daru x2

To the west, then north:
Alraune x3
Malabaricus x1

North one last time and you're done!

Reward Edit

One time reward for absorbing all 18 IDs

Subsequent reward after receiving Red Liquid

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