What explains the illusion that the pub landlord saw?
This quest is unlocked in the Visions of the Tower pack. It is available to Keats during the day by speaking with the Pub Landlord.

Guide Edit

About an upside down tower seen coming out of the clouds by Ryan and Dr. Lester before they died. Keats summizes it must be the tower in HellRealm that they have seen. The tower is called condemnation tower for the final form of guilt ridden souls. The folks there are powered by the persons guilt. Keats must break different memory stones that will allow him to combat these folks.

  • Red stone: Crack this to freeze transcension points for 60 seconds. During this time Keats can transform limitlessly.
  • Yellow stone: Nullify all damage and for 90 seconds. Keats cannot be harmed.
  • Blue stone: Nullify all damage and freeze MC for 70 seconds. You may use folks continuously and cannot be harmed.

Extend the effect of a memory stone by 20 seconds by defeating all folks of the same type. You cannot stack the effects of each stone. You can only use each stone once, so use one stone for each floor, as they do not replenish when you clear a floor.

All the folks on these floors are stronger than the standard version and do alot of damage to Keats, use the stones tactically and you can complete each floor with plenty of time to spare.

When you clear the 3 floors, 3 residents of HellRealm will approach Keats the smallest one in the middle speaking. He tells Keats that the tower is visible to those suffering from a strong sense of guilt, but the deaths are merely a coincidence, but not surprising they die considering this strong feeling, Keats believing the landlord blames himself for the state of Doolin and the loss of friends. Keats decides to tell the landlord that the tower is in old folklore of a distant island but is actually an optical illusion. Keats tells him he is quite stressed and needs to relax and focus on taking care of Charlotte.

Reward Edit

Repeat the quest to receive:

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