O'Connell is a villager who lives in Doolin, and it is partially during Ellen's hypnosis session with him that we learn about her backstory, and also about Ingrid. Inside O'Connell's home at night is the portal to HellRealm during Chapters 5, 6, and 7. During Chapter 4 in Ellen's story, we find out that O'Connell's girlfriend, Lulu died six months beforehand--although at the start of the chapter, he insists that she has only been missing for a week. When he admits to this deception, he nearly attacks Ellen in a fit of rage, but comes to his senses.

Also, during Chapter 4 of Keats's story, he reveals a background in archaeology.


  • O'Connell is of Gaelic origin, and it simply means the "descendant of Conall".

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