Portals look like they are made from a teal coloured light, and are spaced out across each realm.
To activate a portal, walk upto it and press Button x. The character will be fully healed and a menu will appear. From here you can return to Doolin, teleport to another activated portal (in the same realm) or save your game. Ellen can also change her cloaks at portals.
During quests some of these features are disabled, such as the heal and save functions. If the quest is failed or your character dies, you will return to the Pub rather than having to reload a previous save.


Portal Names

Portals have unique names so that they can be identified when teleporting between them.

Faery Realm

  1. Elysium
  2. Road of Daru
  3. Gesh Forest


  1. Beachhead
  2. KB Territory
  3. Fort Avalon

Undersea City

  1. Old Capital 1
  2. Old Capital 2
  3. Forgotten Palace
  4. Swamp of Oblivion

Endless Corridor

  1. Eternal Regress
  2. Tower Brahma 1
  3. Tower Brahma 2


  1. Hill of Brimstone 1
  2. Hill of Brimstone 2
  3. Inquisition Bridge

Netherworld Core

  1. Old Lighthouse Cape
  2. Heaven's Fields
  3. Palace of Memory

Navigate the Realms

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