A strange death in a strange land.

Ellen lost her mother 17 years ago, but mysteriously receives a letter from her inviting her to meet at the Cliff of Sidhe in Doolin. She goes, but only finds a corpse, which falls off a cliff before she can even have a look at her.


After years of living in an orphanage, her parents presumed dead, Ellen discovers a mysterious letter. It is allegedly from her mother, telling her that she's alive. When she finally arrives at the Cliff of Sidhe, she encounters Keats, a journalist for an occult magazine.

They discover that the woman is dead. She falls off the edge of the cliff before either of them can get a closer look. Ellen runs down to the Dwarf Beach to check on her. She encounters Suzette before fainting.

She wakes up in bed and sadly ruminates on what happened. A voice tells her to go to the pub. She does as she's told, meeting the village half-lifes in the process. As she leaves, she meets Scarecrow, who takes her down to the Henge.

There Ellen encounters a mummified corpse wearing the Cloak of Sidhe. It attacks her, but Scarecrow fends it off. She then dons the cloak herself, traveling to the Faery Realm.

It is here that she meets Regine, who yells at her, claiming that she is the one responsible for the incident on Samhain 17 years ago. Regine tries to attack Ellen, but she wakes up in her room. Samhain is over. If she wants to speak with the dead again, she will need to offer a Memento of the dead to the Henge.


The prologue is also the tutorial, so it's pretty light on gameplay. Here's what you need to do.

Wait for the cutscene to end. Go southest, then head northeast at the fork in the road (its the smaller of the two roads). Once you hit Dwarf Beach, head west until the next cutscene is triggered.

Once you finish watching the cutscene, head north towards the Bridge House pub (it's the only building with the lights on. you can't miss it). Go in. Talk to the half-lifes, then leave. Head south to the henge.

After the third cutscene, you should be in the Faery Realm. Talk to the faeries, then go to the next area. Scarecrow should give you your first two folk: Pouke and Killmoulis.

Clear the new wave of folks by beating them down with Pouke and then absorbing their ids.

Clearing the extra waves of Pouke and Killmoulis is nonessential; they'll keep spawning indefinitely. Fight as many of them as you like, then go north and break the white Memory Stones. Passing there should take you to a new area.

Once you do, talk to the faeries there, then to Regine, who is standing underneath the tree. The following cutscene should finish the prologue.

NPC Dialogue

Doolin (Night)

Character Location Dialogue
Damona Pub Damona: Oh, my! You're an angel!

Damona: I never dreamed a girl so young would believe the legend and come here.
Damona: The girl of his dreams finally walked into Scarecrow's life!

Frizzie Pub Frizzie: I'm Frizzie the banshee. A halflive who heralds death...

Frizzie: You're off to the Netherworld to look for your mother? How sweet!

Ganconer Pub Ganconer: We welcome ye on this fine night!

Ganconer: I'm Ganconer, barman, of sorts.

Ganconer: We are halflives... between the living and the dead.

Ganconer: Scarecrow told us he'd be bringing someone. We've all been waiting for yer to come.

Jimmy Pub Jimmy: Th..the name's Jimmy Squarefoot!

Jimmy: O..Off to the Netherworld, are you? The Netherworld is the Land of the Dead.

Jimmy: But..but the living sometimes go there. Otherwise there'd be no m..myths about a..a Faery Realm!

Jimmy: Actually... th..there's a door to the netherworld in this very v..village!

Fir Darrig Pub Fir Darrig: Nya ha ha! I'm Fir Darrig.

Fir Darrig: How do you like my gear? Pretty sharp fashion sense, eh?

Fir Darrig: I'm not all about good looks, though. Got it up here, too! Go on, ask me anything!

Scarecrow Pub (ext) Scarecrow: Uee hee hee! Do you know where the Henge is?

Scarecrow: Just follow the village path south.

Scarecrow Henge Scarecrow: Why, Ellen! You look to die for! Uwee hee hee!

Scarecrow: Now don't be afraid. Go through the door.

Ellen: You mean that thing shining there?

Scarecrow: Yes. That's the GATEWAY between this world... and the Netherworld! Uwee hee hee!

Faery Realm

Character Location Dialogue
Scarecrow Elysium Scarecrow: You'll have to fight from now on. Uwee hee hee!
Faery Elysium Faery: Hello, and welcome! This is the Faery Realm, where we Faerys live!

Faery: On behalf of the Faery Lord, we have long welcomed the living. Heed our advice well!

Faery Elysium Faery: I have lots to tell you! I'll enclose important things in brackets when I talk.


Living ones like yourself can use the portal in the square to return to the village.

Oh, but today is Samhiam... it's a special day, and you cannot use it.

[Recovery at Portal]

The Netherworld becomes more dangerous as you go deeper.

When you're in trouble, just touch a portal that radiates brilliant light. Your injuries will be healed.

[Messenger Abilities]

Use the power of the cloak, to absorb the Folks Ids.

Then use the Folks, whose Ids you've absorbed.

Not familiar with all the lingo? Someone will explain it.

[Ids Pop Out]]

The other day, I burned myself, thought my Id would pop out!

When Folks are exposed to elements they're vulnerable to, like wind or thunder, their Ids pop out.

Try it if it's difficult to bash the Ids out of them!

Faery Elysium Faery: Long, long ago, the living sometimes visited the Netherworld, but not now.

Faery: Why did people forget they could visit the Land of the Dead?

Faery Road of Daru Faery: This is the Land of the Dead. It is known as the Netherworld in your legends.

Faery: The Netherworld is the name your kind use to distinguish this world from your own.

Faery: Haha! The funny thing is, some of us even call it that!

Faery Road of Daru Faery: Today is the day of Samhain. It's a special day for the dead.

Faery: On this day alone, the living can enter the Netherworld.

Faery: You aren't granted much time, so you must seek out the dead quickly.

Faery: If whomever you seek died recently, they may still be around.

Faery Road of Daru Faery: Anything you'd like to know?


Battles aren't simply a matter of tossing Folks at the enemy.

Lock-on your aim with the Button L1 button.

Press the Button R2 button to evade. Many different trick to try!

[Glowing Objects]

Folks sometimes drop glowing objects when you defeat them. Be sure to pick them up! They can be quite useful.

Green ones are for HP recovery. Others are picture book pages or food for absorbed Folks.


Living ones like you who don the Cloak and can traverse the realms, are Messengers.

That's because you serve to pass along messages between the living and the dead.

Spirits of the Dead

Souls of the dead become Folks. After that existence, they return to the ground.

No one knows where they go then.

Scarecrow Road of Daru Ellen, there's someone ahead! Hurry! I believe it's your mother!

Hurry, Ellen! There's not much time!

Map Hints

"Mother has fallen! I must find her. Where's the way down the cliff? I must get to the beach."

"Must I go to the pub? What will I find there? Perhaps my mother? I'd better go and find out."

"Scarecrow? He's waiting outside? If it will help me find mother, I'll go."

"Out of the pub, and to the henge to the south? I'm frightened, but I must visit the henge."

"If I proceed this way will I find mother? I'm frightened, but I must not give up. I'll take the stairs underground."

"Now that I've donned the Cloak of Sidhe, I can finally meet you, mother! I must take the door to the netherworld."

"The Faery Realm? Is that where faerys live? But what about mother? She must be somewhere deeper inside."

"That's where mother is? Than I can finally meet her. There's so much I want to talk about! I must go see her."

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