Cooled to an amazingly low temperature, the Protea chills the air simply by flying through it. Apparently, it gets colder the larger it grows.
This folk is only available with Keats and can be acquired from the Netherworld Core.

Protea's Data

File:Folk Protea artwork.jpg
Folk Protea screen


Attack Type

Mid-range, Ice element area attacks. Continuous icy breath while button is depressed. Can direct breath from side to side during attack.

Karma Release

  1. Defeat 3 Bougainvaillea - Attack Power increased
  2. Use 5 Cold Tree Nuts - Attack Power increased
  3. Absorb 5 Protea Ids - Effect Area increased

Item Drops

Recommended Strategy

Protea floats high in the air and has a huge ice attack that will cause a lot of damage, so attack Protea before it can do anything. If Protea is not beaten quickly, it calls in lots of Protta and will eventually leave.
Defeating Protea is fairly easy, just use Agapanthus to spam Fire attacks. The problem comes when trying to absorb the Id. It takes about four hits from Agapanthus to get Protea's red Id to appear but it may take upto five seconds before it actually pops out for you to absorb. This makes it very easy to overlook and a certain amount of 'trial and error' is needed to get it right.

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