Protta are the offspring of Protea. The parent and children share perception. The more of them there are, however, the less focussed their senses.
This folk is only available with Keats and can be acquired from the Netherworld Core.

Protta's Data

File:Folk Protta artwork.jpg
Folk Protta screen


Attack Type

Long-range, Ice element attacks. Hurl themselves forward bodily at the enemy. Release karma to increase number launched at once.

Karma Release

  1. Absorb 3 Protta Ids - Simultaneous Use + 1
  2. Absorb 5 Protta Ids - Simultaneous Use + 1
  3. Absorb 10 Protta Ids - Simultaneous Use + 1

Item Drops

Recommended Strategy

Protta will ram Keats and often in a group, making them quite hard to avoid. The red Id will pop out after attacking with Fire element folks such as Agapanthus. However, it may be beneficial just to defeat many Protta at once with Fomoire if they are causing trouble.

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