A doll that received its soul through an honest and pure prayer. This folk grants the wishes of children, but never in the form they expect.
Quasarilli is a wind and earth Folk that summons the power of tornadoes and earthquakes to defeat its foes.
This folk is available with Ellen and Keats and can be acquired from the American PSN.

This is the winning folk for the American version of the Design-A-Folk competition and was created by Lisa K. and it cannot be downloaded to use with the English copy of the game.

Quasarilli's Data

Folk Quasarilli artwork


Folk Quasarilli screen


Attack Type

For Ellen: Wind Element charge attacks. Spins to create a whirlwind and charges at foes in a triangular pattern.

For Keats: Short-range, Earth element combo attacks. Uses the gravity of it's falls to trigger earthquakes upon landing.

Karma Release

For Ellen:

  1. Defeat 15 Killmoulis - Combination Attack + 1
  2. Defeat 10 Dracae - MC Consumption lowered
  3. Use 20 Green Dust - Combination Attack + 1
  4. Use 15 Green Quartz - Attack Power increased

For Keats:

  1. Defeat 10 Selkie - Consecutive Use + 1
  2. Defeat 1 Durandal - Attack Power increased
  3. Use 15 Green Ore - Attack Power increased
  4. Use 15 Pulse Tree Nuts - Consecutive Use + 1

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