A red liquid.
Item Red Stone

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This item is used to release karma from certain folks.

Where to find Red Liquid

Ellen: Do the Mystery Messenger quest.

Keats: One of the penalty rooms in the Endless Corridor has a Luideag and Spriggan. Beat them to spawn a Memory stone that contains the Red Liquid. You are most likely to find this penalty room off the fourth main room. In the first room, exit West. In the second room, exit South. In the third room, exit Northeast. In the fourth room, exit West to a penalty room. Kill the Folks in this room to spawn a Memory stone. If it does not contain the Red Liquid, exit the room then take the west exit again to the penalty room. You will eventually encounter the Spriggan and Luideag. It is also a reward for defeating Habetrot in under 1:10.

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