Characters Scarecrow concept
Race Half Life
Relations Ellen (partner)
Cecilia (creator)
Charlie (associate)
Voice Actor Tom George

Scarecrow is a Half Life who shows Ellen the way to the Netherworld.

Characters Scarecrow screen


He speaks with the cheerful abandon of a fairytale jester, but his aloofness suggests an eerie insincerity.

Scarecrow conceptart

Boss Artwork

Chapter 7

Scarecrow becomes the final boss of the game, turning into a giant crow monster after absorving all the fears in the Netherworld Core. He proclaims that he would make Ellen's wish become reality, showing to humans the horrors of death. However, he is defeated when Keats and Livane lend Ellen the strength she needs. Scarecrow turns back to normal, falling onto his back, shortly before Ellen passes out of fatigue.
A flashback occurs, which revealed that after the deaths in the village, Cecilia had created Scarecrow, who stated that they'd be friends forever.
It is revealed that Scarecrow was created by Cecilia in the moment she had wished people to have fear of death, so the world would be a better place. Scarecrow now realizes that Ellen was no longer Cecilia, so her wish was no longer valid. After apologizing to her, Ellen thanks Scarecrow for helping her regain her memories. When no more words were exchanged, Scarecrow had faded from existence.


In Chapter 7, Charlie becomes worried about Scarecrow, so he asks Ellen to watch out for him so he doesn't do something crazy. (Which is ironic, since he is doing so.) He evens adds that Scarecrow liked Ellen, willing to do anything for her.
Charlie also proclaims Scarecrow to be too earnest.