Shefro's Data

File:Folk Shefro artwork.jpg
Folk Shefro screen


Attack Type

Short-range, Charm element area attacks. Entices enemies in fixed area with her sexy poses. Release karma to extend enticement effect period.

Karma Release

  1. Use 10 Purple Dust - Attack Power increased
  2. Use 10 Pulse Tree Nuts - Effect Duration increased

Item Drops

ABILITIES summoning other folk,flying and she can charm enemies.

Recommended Strategy

Shefro will always spawn with a random combination of Daru and Ogma. If Ellen beats them, Shefro will float down and infinitely respawn another set of them before floating back up into the air.
Sleep is the only way to make Shefro's Id appear. Habetrot and Malion are recommended as Cait Sidhe will only be able to sleep Shefro during the small amount of time that she floats low down.
Once Shefro's Id turns red, there will be a 70 second timed absorbtion. If the Daru and Ogma are still alive or have just respawned, they will probably knock the absorb off. One trick is to stay to the back of the area, using the rocks in the center as a physical barrier, but this doesn't always work so certain amount of luck is involved.

Alternative Strategy

If you will attack Shefro with Henky, she will float down for a bit of time. Use sleep element to absorb Shefro's ID.

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