In Folklore you play one story from two perspectives, one as Ellen and one as Keats. Each character plays a seperate version of events broken up into chapters. The English game is set in the small seaside Village of Doolin on the west coast of Ireland but in the Japanese version of the game the town is called Lemrick.
The story begins with a series of cutscenes explaining why these two characters were brought to the village. Ellen finds herself drawn there when she receives a letter from her dead mother, asking her to come to Doolin. Keats goes to investigate an anonymous phone call from a woman claiming that faerys were going to kill her.
Once they arrive in Doolin they find themselves trying to solve a 17-year old murder in a town where there are less people living than dead. A legend states that there is a way for the living to meet with the dead, and they quickly venture into the Netherworld, as they learn the town serves as a gateway to realms full of magical folks, faerys and death. Ellen and Keats are guided through these worlds by the two halflives known as Scarecrow and Belgae.

Navigate by Chapter

Ellen:  - Prologue - Chapter 1 - Chapter 2 - Chapter 3 - Chapter 4 - Chapter 5 - Chapter 6 - Chapter 7
Keats: - Prologue - Chapter 1 - Chapter 2 - Chapter 3 - Chapter 4 - Chapter 5 - Chapter 6 - Chapter 7

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